Tropigha Farms

From Ghana to the World

Tropigha Farms Ltd is one of the most modern and leading farms in Ghana. The expertise of the farm is growing Pineapples and Papaya as well as Mango and Organic Ginger. Pineapples are also available in an organic varity. The farm is located at Gbefi/Hoeme in the Volta Region/Ghana. The core business is to supply a ghanaian Fresh Cut Factory with Pineapples. Also Tropigha Farms export Papaya as well as Organic Pineapple and Ginger to Europe. In the Gbefi/Hoeme area Tropigha Farms is the most important employer. One big point for Tropigah Farms is sustainability: for example in this moment the new Kindergarten for the female workers with young kids is in the construction phase. Tropigha Farms is an only private equity financing project.


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Wanted: VOLUNTEERS in Ghana

Tropigha Farms Ltd is looking for Volunteers for Farm, Workshop or Kindergarten. We would really appreciate if you like to enjoy our Tropigha Farms-Team.

How to become a volunteer?