History of Tropigha Farms

Tropigha Farms Ltd is the `baby´ of Mr Helmut Lutz. He is the founder of Tropigha Farms in the year 1999.
Experienced as farm manager from other farms he wanted to realize his own dream.

Mr. Lutz has the adventure gene deep inside. Born in Filderstadt/Germany as a son of a farmer family, he decided to leave Germany in 1993.

After a lot of visits in Africa, he planned to spend the rest of his life there. At this point he didn´t have a clear destination. Only one thing, he as an educated machinist, didn´t want to be: a farmer, like his father. But life goes its own ways. And so, after stations as a bar-owner in Accra and as a maintainance-manager of a farm, he landed in Gbefi/Hoeme (Volta Region), somewhere in the middle of nowhere, but close to the Lake Volta.

With a partner he started to build and prepare the farm. After some time ways get separated with his first partner. But a new partner is found very quickly: Fritz Schumacher, a german farmer with a lot of expertise in Pineapple growing and much experience with Africa, came on board. Both knew each other since youth.

In the year 2000 Mr Lutz married an african lady, his long term girlfriend. Until today she organizes the administration from the Accra-Officefrom the Accra-Office. In the following years the farm expanded focused on Papaya growing. While Helmut Lutz was running the operations on the farm, his partner organized sales and marketing in Europe.

Until 2012 the business was growing step by step. Unfortunatelly then there was an unbelieveable big plant disease. As a result of this, the complete Papaya harvest had to be destroyed. The economic damage  was endangering the existence.

However, the darkest time was also a chance: so Helmut Lutz decided to expand the cultures which he growed. He started with planting and growing Pineapple, varity MD2. Beside he also worked on the organic project for Pineapple and later Ginger. Furthermore he refined the growing of Papaya. So the farm came to the state of today.

Helmut Lutz is a passionate fighter for sustainability and a clean enviroment. So in the near future he plans to use more clean energy on the farm. The start was done with an Electro-Quad, which is being used to go on the fields every day.

Another big concern for him is to make the farm fit for future. He is starting now to build a Kindergarten. His vision is to create further educational institutions to qualify young people. With young talents as specialists, the farm will also be competitive in the future, Helmut Lutz is sure.