Protecting the environment is a huge desire for Tropigha Farms. Therefore, for example, the usage of pesticides is kept as low as possible. In addition, where possible, natural beneficial agents are used, for example parasitic wasps. To take advantage of the natural shade of the Papaya trees, our Ginger is planted underneath. At the same time, Legominosen enriches the soil in which the Papaya trees grow, with nitrogen oxides. The urgently needed water for irrigation is obtained from adjacent side branches of the Lake Volta. By means of a sophisticated pipeline system, it is brought to the fields in an environmental friendly manner.


In addition to being responsible for the environment, social responsibility has played a very important role for Tropigha Farms from day one. In the morning, employees are picked up in the surrounding villages by buses and taken to work. At lunchtime, everyone will enjoy a complimentary lunch in the company canteen. In addition, there are binding working time regulations at an international level. The payment of the staff is well above the statutory minimum wage. The work equipment and equipment of the workplaces meet current requirements. If suitably qualified, Tropigha Farms will also be responsible for further development of our staff, both in terms of language and professional skills. Furthermore, a company's own kindergarten is currently built. In the future, Tropigh Farms also wants to engage the training of young people in technical and agricultural occupations. A first step will soon follow with the hiring of volunteers.